KIWI® Sneaker Care System

Because a fresh look should stay that way.

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Trainer Care

Clean, Protect and Deodorise. The KIWI® Trainer Care system is like your own shoe cleaning kit. Take the steps. Your trainers deserve it.

Step 01 Trainer Cleaner
Step 02 Trainer Protector
Step 03 Trainer Deodoriser

Trainers get dirty. It happens. But when it happens you can be ready with KIWI® Sneaker Cleaner. It’s a highly effective shoe cleaning formula that removes the mess you got yourself into. Plus, the sponge-top shoe brush is the perfect tool to wipe away the dirt.

Get shoes looking like new again, and get going.

There is a lot of mud out there. And grime. And who knows what else. Defend against a world of messes with KIWI® Sneaker Protector. It is a powerful shoe protector spray that guards against stains, rain, salt, and dirt – so your clean white shoes stay that way.

Your shoes protect you. Return the favour.

Kick the stink out of your smelly shoes with KIWI® Sneaker Deodoriser – they’ll be as fresh smelling inside as they are fresh-looking outside. Feel fresh, smell fresh, look fresh.

Your shoes don’t have to be new to smell fresh.